LeBron's impact on your wallet 

July, 7, 2010

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LeBron James, ticket brokers, cable companies

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Amidst the endless parade of LeBron James free agency coverage, here's an angle I haven't seen yet: How much will you pay for LeBron?

That's right: you. If your favorite team signs LeBron, its owners aren't going to just pull his paychecks, his luxury suite, his private jet and his new house -- not to mention his wingmen's contracts -- out of their pockets. First they'll squeeze you and your fellow fans for as much extra cash as you're willing to pay to see the best basketball player on the planet.

And as it turns out, that's a huge wad of dough.

Peter Keating

ESPN Senior Writer
Peter Keating is a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine, where he covers investigative and statistical subjects. His column, The Numbers, appears in every issue.