Is there a Coach of the Year curse? 

September, 16, 2010

Peter Keating is on hiatus this week, so fellow stathead Tom Haberstroh, takes a turn at bat.

Imagine tomorrow you're sitting at work and your boss calls you into his or her office. To your surprise, the big cheese greets you with a delightful grin as you shut the door.

"I have some wonderful news to share with you," your boss exclaims. "Our industry experts have evaluated the performance of you and every one of your peers in this industry over the past year. You know those omnipresent hawks who watch your every move and comment on your work day in and day out? Well, guess what? They voted on each staffer and crowned you the very best of them all! What do you have to say about that?"

If your immediate response is "Please don't fire me," you might be the head coach of an NBA team. Or have been one before.

Why the pessimism? Because the NBA Coach of the Year award has been the kiss of death recently.

Tom Haberstroh

ESPN Staff Writer