And the NL MVP goes to ... WPA! 

September, 28, 2010

Today's winners in Statistics & Analytics:

Omar Infante, David Ortiz, Joey Votto

Today's losers:

Adrian Gonzalez, Alex Rodriguez, Troy Tulowitzki

Joey Votto is the NL MVP, and I'm here to explain why.

Let's stipulate that the Most Valuable Player is the athlete who, more than any other, helps his team win ballgames, through the combination of all his talents: hitting, fielding, baserunning and leadership. I'm sure even that inoffensive definition leaves out somebody's idea of what an MVP is, but I think it pretty much captures the concept. Of course, the devil is in the details, as many fans as well as MVP voters are captivated by severely misguided ideas about what makes teams win.

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