Next Level: the BCS margin of error 

November, 18, 2010

It's November, so here they come: complaints about the BCS standings, specifically their computer rankings. Can't you just hear your uncle? "Stupid computers! How the heck can they have TCU ahead of Oregon but LSU ahead of Boise State?" If you find this as tiresome as I do, here's how you respond: Grasp your uncle by both shoulders, look him in the eye and say: "This is 2010, not '2001: A Space Odyssey.' The all-knowing, all-powerful supercomputer doesn't exist. The computer rankings are just models programmed by people." Or something like that. Feel free to improvise.

Peter Keating

ESPN Senior Writer
Peter Keating is a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine, where he covers investigative and statistical subjects. His column, The Numbers, appears in every issue.