Week 7 NFL point spread moves 

October, 23, 2009

To help me break down the NFL's biggest line moves this week, I called Dave Tuley. It's not because he's from the Chicago 'burbs -- like me. Or because, like me, his passion for the Bears, Bulls and Cubs when he was growing up bordered on illness (he named his kids Jordyn, Peyton and Maddux).

It's because he covers the Vegas world for the Daily Racing Form and runs the gambling info site ViewFromVegas.com. The guy has actually won an award for a story about how the books reacted to Ben Roethlisberger's motorcycle accident a few years ago. An award for writing about gambling? That doesn't happen often. No one's ever given me anything.

Dave also happens to play a bit himself, finishing second in the Leroy's contest last year and 14th in the Hilton handicapping game.

So let's see what wisdom he has to share about this week's biggest NFL point spread moves.