Looking at CFB Week 12 point-spread moves 

November, 19, 2009

Bookmakers don't make their lines in a vacuum. They have a lot of help. Some use independent consultants, but more than 100 books in Nevada use Las Vegas Sports Consultant. LVSC is basically a warehouse of linemakers, all of whom specialize in different sports. They analyze and study the games, come up with what they think the sharpest line will be and send it out to their clients. Sometimes the bookmakers tweak the LVSC line before putting it up on their own board. And sometimes they just post what LVSC sends.

Point being? More often than not, the line starts at LVSC.

The man running the company is Kenny White, the son of a wise guy who fell into linemaking because, "I didn't become a major league baseball player," he says, laughing. Kenny spent two years in the minors, one of them in an independent league and one in the San Francisco Giants' organization, before injuries made him rethink his career path. Since his dad was a pro, White decided to see what he could do in this business.

After a stint managing a book, he opened his own consulting shop 25 years ago and then, six years ago, bought LVSC, which he sold to Canter Gaming last year. Bet you didn't know this linemaking stuff could be such big business, huh?

Well, it is. Which is why I asked Kenny, via e-mail, to break down where the lines are moving in college football this week. After all, he's the one who set them to begin with.