UNLV and Cincy among spread surprises 

December, 10, 2009

My man Sal from madduxsports.com sent me the new Sweat Barometer numbers this morning. (To see my original post on this concept, click here.) The further we get into the season, the larger the data set will become, and the more interesting and telling this information is going to be. You'll see in the chart below.

Meanwhile, when I debuted the SB last week, I asked you all to send me ideas about how to make it more useful. Some of you told me to screw off and that you hated this concept completely, which wasn't entirely constructive. It's also something I hear quite often at home.

But I did get some good ideas. One of my favorites came via Twitter, from a guy who goes by the handle EastCoastGamblr: Instead of doing just the top 10, he wrote, take the top 10 teams against the spread from the AP Top 25.

I love this idea.