Care to wager? Trends for the BCS title 

January, 5, 2010

We've been working hard during the bowl season; every week we've added another layer to the Bowl Betting Bonanza cake we've been baking.

In BBB I, veteran linemaker and Las Vegas Sports Consultants boss Kenny White gave us his tips for making lines on bowl games. In BBB II, we added a few more rules from handicappers Bryan Leonard and Brian Edwards and Mirage headman Jay Rood. And in BBB III, The Orleans Hotel & Casino bookmaker Bob Scucci as well as wise guys Paul Stone and the man known as Vegas Runner dropped a little more knowledge on us.

Now that the biggest bowl game of the decade is upon us, it's time to take everything we have learned from all the BBBs and apply it. And just remember, before you start sending me hate mail, this system isn't designed to determine who will win the game. It's supposed to help figure out which team -- the Alabama Crimson Tide or the Texas Longhorns -- is more likely to cover.