Izzo's crew is not a solid Vegas bet 

February, 11, 2010
Boy, this Sweat Barometer that I work up with Sal from madduxsports.com every week is really inspiring some passionate pleas.

I'm surprised the comments run the gamut from "You're an idiot" to "How can I do this with every sport?"

At the very least, when I decided to go back to doing the Sweat Barometer for just the Associated Press Top 25, a lot of people asked whether I could include the Top 25 SB teams overall. So although it's a true pain to cut and paste for about 50 teams, I have done it. Behold the new SB ranking: The first list is the Top 25 overall Sweat Barometer teams. (A higher SB is better.) The second is how the remaining AP Top 25 teams stack up. And at the bottom, the five worst Sweat Barometer teams in major college hoops.

A couple of things from the charts below interest me. First, the Syracuse Orange are still so dominant. To me, their season has been much more impressive than that of the Kansas Jayhawks, who seem to be finding their groove right now. Although both the Orange and Jayhawks have lost only one game, Syracuse is killing teams. It's playing in arguably the toughest conference in basketball and not just winning but also handily covering the spread, with a Sweat Barometer number hovering near 5.

The second thing to note is that the Longhorns' sustained drop in the rankings matches their SB plummet. This team spent most of the first month of the season atop the Sweat Barometer top 25; now it is hovering in negative territory.

As always, if you've got something to say, let me know.