This season's hottest MLB future bets 

March, 31, 2010

The future is preordained, people. It's written in Sanskrit on cave walls and etched in stone tablets. The Mayans have their version of what will happen next. Nostradamus has one, too. Even wise guys think they can see tomorrow. Of course, the bonus of believing in the wise guys is that, in their future, the world doesn't come to an inglorious, apocalyptic end. At the most, I might lose a few bucks if the Cardinals don't win more than 88.5 games.

And that brings us to our featured topic for today: What to do about baseball futures. With Opening Day just days away -- assuming the Mayans see us making it 'til the weekend -- the betting boards from Vegas to Antigua are popping with season win totals, odds to win the World Series and who will win the home run title.