Tiger Woods prop bets sweeping Vegas 

April, 7, 2010

Say this for Tiger: He's not worried about getting upstaged. By anyone. His first post-scandal press conference came in the middle of baseball's full Opening Day. And his first one-on-one talks happened the same weekend as the opening-round games of the NCAA tournament. The world stopped when he started talking. None of the other games mattered at that moment.

That influence gave Jeff Sherman, a golf odds specialist and the bookmaker at the Las Vegas Hilton, an idea: Tiger Masters props. Normally Sherman posts around 40 prop bets for the Masters, double the number he conjures up for all the other major golf tournaments. Of those 40, three or four would be Tiger-specific, such as whether he'd win a round or what his first-round score would be. But this year Sherman has more than tripled the number, posting 13. "It's what the focus is going to be on all week, and we just try to get on that, too," Sherman says. "If this was just a normal Masters it would have been business as usual, but all this intrigue and his layoff from competitive golf means people are uncertain of what he is going to do or how good he is going to be. That generates interest."