A deeper look at betting NBA playoffs 

May, 11, 2010

There are those of us who will blindly follow the zigzag theory during the NBA playoffs, betting against the previous game's winner in a series just because that's what the experts do. That has worked out well in the Cavs-Celtics series, but it didn't do anyone any favors in the Suns-Spurs series. That's the risk you take, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. I know plenty of wise guys who are weak in a certain sport and just bet exactly how their friends -- who are experts -- do.

But if you're a thinker, the kind of bettor who likes to know why things are so he can plan for a decade of gambling, not just one quick score, you take the time to do your own analysis. You plug numbers into Excel, look for statistical trends no one else sees and find reasons to bet -- or ignore -- a game the average square would never consider.

That's what Dustin Dominiak did.