Time to bet some baseball 

May, 13, 2010

Anyone notice it's baseball season? Truly, we're a little more than a month into it. I've been so caught up in the NBA playoffs -- which started around the same time as Opening Day -- and zigzag theories, I almost forgot the boys of summer were playing.

Now that I'm scanning the standings, though, I see some interesting developments. For one, anyone who bet the over on the Washington Nationals winning more than 75 games is in pretty good shape. And the St. Louis Cardinals seem like a good bet to break the 90-win barrier. However, the Colorado Rockies, a wise guy favorite to win more than 83 games before the season, are looking a little, well, rocky.

Of course, while a lot of casual fans and squares appreciate a good futures bet to get the blood flowing as the season begins, there are plenty of people who grind it out every day betting baseball. And, judging by the number of questions I've been getting from all the degenerates out there, a lot more of you are doing it than I thought. (Or you are looking to pick up new habits.)

Either way, I've always seen betting baseball as a pro's game. Even the pros feel that way. One sharp I know, Bryan Leonard, spent years working on a baseball strategy before he finally realized where the advantages were and how to play to his strengths.