Once more, with feeling: Betting Game 7 

June, 17, 2010

Game 7s are tricky. Sure, the fans stress and the players sweat. But I mean for bettors. These one-and-done contests are tough to read.

They're no different than a Super Bowl. Or the NCAA tournament. At this point in a betting cycle, any advantage wise guys might find in the line is lost because information is so available and there are so few games in that sport. You've got two teams that have played each other six times already. The entire world has been watching. Bookmakers are acutely aware of what the public will think, what the wise guys will bet and what the line should be.

"It's one game on the board," says Mirage bookmaker Jeff Stoneback. "The line is going to be sharp because we're not thinking about anything else in the NBA."