Week 2 college football line moves 

September, 9, 2010

In theory, the second week of a football season, whether it's college or pro, should be a heckuva lot easier to handicap than Week 1. Instead of an offseason spent reading and studying and trying to glean the slightest intent from a coach's quote, you can base your decisions on a team's actual performance.

Although, you're still not completely out of the guessing fields. "That first week you are looking to play a team if the starting QB, starting coach and three of the five offensive linemen are returning," says veteran capper Bryan Leonard. "After that you have to decide if what you saw in Week 1 is the true identity of that team. For example, was that Miami of Ohio team playing the game of its life against Florida or did it mature from last season? Or, is Florida in trouble or does it just need time to regroup after losing some key veteran players? It is still very hard to watch a game and say a team is overperforming and another is underperforming. You need at least three or four more weeks. And that is why you see a lot of line movements here early in the season."

Which brings us to this week's college football line moves report. The drill is the same as last week, and last season. I asked Bryan to give me the wiseguy insight on five games where lines have made big moves or ones in which fans will be paying a lot of attention. So here we go ...