Betting Cowboys vs. Texans and more 

September, 24, 2010

The books did all right in Week 2 of the NFL season, with 'dogs going 10-5-1. The Detroit Lions did them a favor. The St. Louis Rams did them a favor. The San Francisco 49ers did them a huge favor. The Buffalo Bills? Not so much. But that's how the boys from Buffalo roll: Help nobody, not even themselves.

A win early in the year is especially satisfying because bookmakers have the same problems bettors do: They don't know if they are making numbers based on the team they thought, for example, the Niners would be, or the team that punted in Week 1 against Seattle. It's impossible to gauge.

"It is so volatile," Scooch told me on Thursday afternoon. "Think of it this way: If you have a bowl of water and you just set it down, those first couple seconds it really sloshes around. Then it settles. That is the first couple of weeks of the season."

Brilliant! So brilliant I asked Scooch to help me break down line moves for some of this week's marquee games. Here we go: