Wise guy week 3 NFL analysis 

September, 27, 2010

There were lots of great storylines out of Week 3 in the NFL season. The collapse of the Giants and Niners. The crowning of the Steelers. The discovery that the Pats' secondary is so bad that it couldn't stop a Harvard journeyman QB -- and cover the two-touchdown spread. The realization that the Bengals' offense must be worse than Buffalo's if Carson & Co. could put up only three points in the first half on the Pats in Week 1. I didn't pay much attention to math in high school, but if Buffalo hangs 30 on the Pats is it transitive property that makes me surmise the Bengals could be worse? It's something like that.

Part of the fun of figuring out the early weeks of the NFL season is coming up with little jewels like that, which hit me at the corner of 32nd and 6th, a long block from Penn Station. At that point I had been walking in a sideways rainstorm for exactly two minutes. My new jeans were soaked up to my belt and construction on the sidewalk had brought foot traffic to a near stop. But at least now I have a better feel for the Bengals' offense -- and the Pats' defense.