Betting Houston-Oakland and more 

September, 30, 2010

Tim Trushel knows a thing or two about heartache.

The Tennessee-based capper was atop the Hilton Supercontest charts late last season. The $200,000 prize was within his grasp. And then, two weeks from claiming the prize, he had a 1-4 beat down. He finished fifth, winning a little less than $20,000.

A few years before that he hurt even worse. In 2001 he needed the Bucs to cover against the Eagles in the season's final game to win the whole thing. For most of the night, the Bucs dominated and they held a 10-point lead late in the fourth quarter. "Then A.J. Feeley , freaking Feeley, a Philly rookie who hadn't played all season, threw two touchdowns in the final 2:20, winning the game," Trushel says. "My family called me, screaming. With joy. They thought I had the Eagles. I had to break it to them that I'd just lost out on $200,000."

Don't feel bad for Tim. He does OK for himself running, which live blogs games all weekend long. Trushel and his crew -- including blog regs Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning -- talk about the plays they make when they make them, including going into and out of halftimes.

Since Trushel is so good on the fly I pinned him down for a chat about this week's line moves as he was headed to the airport for a Vegas trip. "It gets trickier now that we are a few weeks into the season," he says. "The talent gap between teams isn't so huge and at this point, you will not find those three or four-point bad lines. It's just about analyzing which teams will not play at their projected level that week."

Easy, right? And for some flavor, since I've been getting a lot of questions about totals, I covered the over/under for two games this week, in addition to the usual line moves.