Week 4 Hilton Supercontest results 

October, 5, 2010

I am renaming this day in the bloggy blog Super Tuesday for the duration of the football season. This will be the spot for stats, links and stories related to the Hilton Supercontest. Any thoughts on what might be useful that isn't here, let me know. But largely, we'll see who won each week and who's winning for the season, and learn about the trends making the contest go.

Super Number: 7-1
First, a mea culpa. I tweeted last week that the teams most chosen in the Supercontest for Week 4 were the Steelers and the Chargers. Well, that was wrong. Because the Redskins had them both trumped. I should have known, since I was one of the guys on the Redskins. But I just didn't check carefully enough. Let that be a lesson to, well, me. The good news is that the Redskins covered, making 111 people very happy. As did the Chargers, making 103 people happy. But the Steelers, not so much. I wrote yesterday about how I felt about that outcome. I'm sure that the 99 other folks who picked them probably felt as disgusted and disappointed as I did. Amazingly, of the eight most-picked teams on Sunday -- Washington, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York Giants, Cleveland, and the New York Jets -- seven actually covered. And four of those were dogs. A 7-1 mark with a mixture of smart plays on favorite and dogs shows some pretty savvy handicapping by the contestants. It's what you'd expect from Week 4, when things start to settle down a bit.