What Dr. Bob means for Kirk Cousins 

October, 13, 2010

Who says gambling can't get creative? It's not just math geeks sitting in some dark basement, hoping one day Aaron Sorkin will turn their genius systems into a movie. And it's not just degenerates riding the pine at Vegas sports books believing they'll find an edge if they stare at the board long enough.

Betting requires curiosity and thought and considering ideas that no one has ever considered before. Those are all the ingredients that make up the stew that is creativity.

Or so I've been told. I've never actually given it much thought.

Anyway, whenever I do these System of the Week columns (each Wednesday), I am always struck by the number of factors the wise guys throw my way. The formula will be seven or eight items long. As I hear each one, it makes the whole notion sound more absurd than the next, like watching "Gossip Girl."

Again, or so I've been told.

But the truth is, these systems don't come together through random dart throwing; there are fine minds thinking about them, constantly.

One of them is Dr. Bob, the famous handicapper who is 18-9-1 this season in college football with his best bets. When I asked for an angle he had been investigating this week, he gave me: How do you do if you won the previous game as a road dog of more than three points against a conference opponent, and then you are back on the road as more than a four-point dog and the home team is coming off a win?