Bettors favor Lee, Rangers in World Series 

October, 26, 2010

I know it's Super Tuesday -- and you'll get all the SuperContest info you need at the bottom of the page. But baseball's World Series is upon us, and that deserves a mention.

The World Series starts Wednesday night. Cliff Lee is going to be on the mound for the Texas Rangers. And the San Francisco Giants will still be the team that has failed to score more than five runs in 16 of its past 18 games. This much we know as fact.

We also know that the Rangers -- on the strength of Lee's performances this postseason -- are favorites. We also know that Joe Q. Public (that's you) will be betting the Rangers because a) they beat the Yankees handily, b) Lee was as responsible as anyone for the Rangers beating the Yankees handily, and c) Lee has been the highest profile arm for hire in the majors the past two seasons. And that means something to bettors.