Early Line: Auburn tops Boise, not Oregon 

October, 27, 2010


You know what I did last week that was really silly? I killed the System of the Week. I was so excited about the new idea that Insider's Chris Sprow gave me -- handicapping games between teams atop the BCS standings and in other sports we'd like to see -- that I said, "Screw it, let's just do that."

And that was, well, like I said, silly. Because while I got a lot of great e-mails and suggestions about other games you fine degenerates would like to see worked up, I also got plenty of e-mails that read, "Hey, d-bag, you can't bail on the System of the Week in the middle of the season."

Well said, my friends.

So, despite the fact it's even more work for me, I'm going to bring back the System of the Week as a sidebar (look to the right) in The Early Line columns. I'm just that magnanimous.

Meanwhile, there are some new teams to look at near the top of the BCS standings that need some handicapping. We don't just do this so you can get a leg up should one of these matchups come to fruition in January. We do it to get a sense of how the people who know these teams a lot better than the computers feel about the status of the rankings.

For example, last week Bob Scucci from The Orleans told me that Oklahoma wasn't that good and would be a dog to both Boise State and Oregon. So did wiseguy Sal from madduxsports.com. Ta da. They were right.

This week those two fellas, along with the guys from AccuScore, broke down how the BCS's new No. 1, Auburn, would fare against the same No. 2, Oregon, and No. 3, Boise.

So here goes:


Auburn vs. Oregon
Scucci's line: Oregon minus-7.5 over Auburn