Saints by 1 and more NFL lines 

October, 29, 2010

I'm proud of you. And you. And very, very proud of you, you, you and you. All of you degenerates out there have really impressed me.

Let me explain.

On Thursday afternoon I had a chat with legendary Vegas bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro, who runs the Lucky's sports books in Nevada. I was quizzing him for the NFL line moves column and asked him why the Bills had gotten early money against the Chiefs. His answer, "The public might be getting smarter."

Gimme a minute to regroup. He said the public might be getting smarter! That's you, Pipeline Pete and Rich from Jersey and Attila and even you, older crazy lady who keeps sending me suggestive hints on Twitter.

Vaccaro continued: "You would think we made a killing on the San Diego Chargers last weekend because the public usually chases dominant teams. But that hasn't been the case this season. Same with the New Orleans Saints-Cleveland Browns last weekend. That game opened at 14 and, last season, by the weekend, that number might have been at 14.5. But it closed at 12. Which meant in the last couple hours before kickoff even the public was playing the Browns."

This has had an interesting impact on how wiseguys play their game, too. Remember, part of their strategy has always been anticipating what you, John Q. Public, will do in certain games. That helps them decide when to buy certain games. But this season, with the public not automatically laying high-profile favorites, the dogs are getting played much earlier than ever before.