Wise guys love the Oakland Raiders 

November, 2, 2010

I am renaming this day in the blog Super Tuesday for the duration of football season. This will be the spot for stats, links and stories related to the Hilton Supercontest. Any thoughts on what might be useful that isn't here, let me know. But largely, we'll see who won each week, who's winning for the season and learn about the trends making the contest go.


Yesterday I wrote about that bright, shining moment when you know there is value on a team. I mentioned the Detroit Lions, who were 5-1 against the spread heading into the game against the Washington Redskins and were also a big favorite of sharps. Know who else loved them? The players in the Hilton Supercontest. In fact, the contest's biggest picks discrepancy between teams this past weekend was 61, for this game. One hundred and three people picked the Lions while only 42 picked the Skins. The next highest was 51, between the Miami Dolphins (102) and Cincinnati Bengals (51). Third was 38 between the Houston Texans (80) and the Indianapolis Colts (42), fourth was 31 between the New Orleans Saints (110) and Pittsburgh Steelers (79). And the bottom of the top five brings me to the team I'm most interested in today: the Oakland Raiders.