Broncos by 3 TDs, plus CFB line moves 

November, 4, 2010

I always like talking to Texas-based handicapper Paul Stone. Whenever I call him, I say, "Hey, Paul, how's it going?" In response, I usually get something akin to a reading of the local almanac, done by someone with a "Friday Night Lights" twang. "Well, Chad, I'm just setting out for a drive right now and I'm cruising down Interstate 45, headed towards sitting down for dinner. I'm going to be driving for about 20 minutes so now would be a great time to talk to you."

I don't know where Interstate 45 is. I don't know where Paul was going to dinner. But because of his accent I picture the road as being flat and the food being hearty.

Maybe I'm biased, or too attached to Coach Taylor, but I firmly believe no one sounds better talking about football than someone from Texas. It doesn't hurt that Stone used to cover Texas preps way back in the day -- and made a nice bit of money betting on them, too. He married handicapping and pigskin a long time ago.

And since he also writes a 'capping column for the Las Vegas Review Journal, I wanted to get his takes on this week's big line moves.