Stanford by 4.5, plus CFB line moves  

November, 11, 2010

I don't know if you know this, but the Latin Grammy awards are at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas tonight. I didn't. At least not until yesterday, when I walked through the lobby of the hotel. The place was mobbed with fans holding their cell phones at arm's length, taking pictures of the Latin music and television stars trying to walk by.

It sounds crazy, given the very glamorous life I lead as a magazine editor, blogger and father of two kids, but I rarely see famous people up close. It seems they don't spend a lot of time on New Jersey Transit commuting into Manhattan. They have chauffeur-driven Priuses or Segways or something else much cooler. The train is for peasants.

So to be caught in a scrum while security escorts a very famous TV host from Univision -- couldn't tell you who he is -- through a crowd of screaming fans is exciting. I also felt bad for the pop star, never seen him before either, who was trying to check in but had to first run a gantlet of worshippers, all of whom wanted their pictures taken with him. At one point I emerged from the elevator into a crowd of fans being held back by security and the camera-ready phones started clicking away. They were just-in-case shots. I saw people deleting them as I walked by. They were hoping for J. Lo. Lots of buzz last night that she was on the property. Fingers crossed!

You know you've reached the edge of insanity when you can't wait to get into a casino so reality can be restored.