NFL, CFB line moves for Thanksgiving 

November, 24, 2010

If you've come here looking for today's weekly dose of The Early Line, well, I apologize. It ain't happening. That's because it's Thanksgiving! And if I want to be able to saddle up to table Thursday and cleat up for the seriously huge football game between out of shape guys in their 30s on Friday, I must start prepping now.

Oh yeah, there are lots of really important college and pro games Thursday and Friday that need tending to.

That means The Early Line has to take a week off so I can bring you: The super explosive, Thanksgiving Line Moves Combo column. This is a once-a-year offering in which I do not one, but two columns in a single post. It's like the turducken of gambling blog posts, only without the turkey, or the duck, or the chicken. Whichever one of those you'd like to get rid of. Just keep the other two.

(Once upon a time a very nice man from Baton Rouge who had read "The Odds" and liked it called me out of the blue to talk about the book. We struck up a nice friendship and for several years he sent me turduckens during the holidays. Some of the greatest meals I've ever had.)

For this week's double installment I asked Dave Tuley, who runs the site, to help me out. Dave is a Chicago guy, like myself, who has spent many years in Vegas writing and reporting about the goings ons of wiseguys. He's also not a bad 'capper himself. Either way -- whether he's playing or reporting -- he knows what's what on The Strip. And now, thanks to him, you will, too.

First up, the NFL, since there are some games Thursday you may want to pay attention to.