Eagles, public stumble; Bears, sharps win 

November, 29, 2010

Every Saturday and every Sunday during football season, I tweet the public and sharp betting trends for that day's games.

The morning of the games, I check websites such as Pregame.com, SportsInsights.com and VegasInsider.com to see where the largest percentage of bets are going, and that tells me which teams the public is betting on. The stats on these sites also show me which games have reverse line moves. That means one side is getting all the action but the line is going in the opposite direction. Inevitably, those are the games the sharps have liked. I shore up all this info by making calls to bookmakers and handicappers for any last-minute updates.

This past Sunday, when I sent out the NFL trends tweet, I noted that the public was on Philly and the sharps were on the Bears. I also added a comment that the Eagles being favored by three in Chicago was a "classic public perception line."

Then I got a lot of questions: "What do you mean?"

Let me tell you.