Sooners by 6.5, plus CFB line moves  

December, 2, 2010

We see wiseguys as sane, as rational, as committed to logic and numbers. Or at least as sane and rational as anyone who gambles on games for a living can be, right?

Certainly, when I talk to professional bettors, I am always impressed with how reasoned they sound. I guess it has to be that way. If you are going to depend on the bounce of the ball and coaches making smart decisions to pay the rent and fill your fridge, you need to have a foundation upon which to build your beliefs.

So, I was a little surprised when I spoke to Teddy Covers on Wednesday for Thursday's college football line moves column. Because he told me that one of the reasons the Sooners-Huskers line had popped was -- wait for it -- "conspiracy theorists."