Mercurial Bears, meet the red-hot Pats 

December, 7, 2010

I am renaming this day in the blog Super Tuesday for the duration of the football season. This will be the spot for stats, links and stories related to the Hilton Supercontest. If you have any thoughts on what might be useful that isn't here, let me know. But mostly, we'll see who won each week and who's winning for the season, and we'll learn about the trends making the contest go.

Super number: 105

Oh, those crazy Chicago Bears. There were 105 Hilton contestants who picked them to win by 3.5 points or more in Detroit on Sunday, including me, and they were all rewarded. But it wasn't easy, which is true of every game this team seems to play. Let me take you to the end of the first half.

The Bears, after trailing most of the game, went ahead 14-10 with 4:40 remaining after a solid five-minute drive. It was everything you'd expect from a team that is 9-3 and atop its division: a mix of good runs and short passes that ate up yardage and time while frustrating the defense. As a fan, née a gambler, you see that and think, "OK, these Bears are so much better than the Lions. This game should go my way."

Then the Lions get the ball at their own 9-yard-line with 53 seconds left in the half and need just two plays to score a go-ahead touchdown against one of the best defenses in football.

"Uh-oh," I thought. "It's going to be one of those days."