Pats by 3, Bucs by 1.5 and more 

December, 10, 2010

It was with about 3:30 left in the Colts-Titans game last night when I first thought, "Perfect, this is going to be a brilliant, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching backdoor cover." That was when Pierre Garcon caught a 7-yard hitch from Peyton Manning and was hit a few yards short of a first down. He should have been tackled right there, making it third-and-3. Instead, he broke a couple weak hits -- seriously, what happened to tackling in the NFL? -- and scampered another 43 yards, to the Titans' 32-yard line. With the Colts ahead by six, I loved the way this was setting up: A Colts field goal, then a Titans meaningless drive down the field for a touchdown. They'd lose by two, but they'd cover.

And yeah, that's exactly what happened.