New Jersey goes all-in on betting 

December, 14, 2010

I am renaming this day in the blog "Super Tuesday" for the duration of the football season. This will be the spot for stats, links and stories related to the Hilton Supercontest. If you have any thoughts on what might be useful that isn't here, let me know. But mostly, we'll see who won each week and who's winning for the season, and we'll learn about the trends making the contest go.

Super number: 10th

An interesting thing happened yesterday. And I don't mean the Houston Texans coming back from three touchdowns down against the Baltimore Ravens in the second half to tie it on a two-point conversion with 21 seconds left, only to blow the cover and the game with a pick-six in overtime. The Texans seem to find a way to blow covers in the final moments of a game every single week. And this season the NFL has been rife with vomit-inducing tension at the end of a game in which either the win or the against-the-spread win is in doubt. Just look at this past weekend. It was bookended by the Tennessee Titans scoring a last-second touchdown to cover versus the Indianapolis Colts and the Texans-Ravens.