The kind of surprises wiseguys hate 

December, 20, 2010

We love sports because every day provides the opportunity to see something we have never seen before. Such as a football game ending on a punt return (yay, DeSean). Or a team ending a record losing streak on the road (congrats, Lions). Or an offensive lineman huffing and puffing 71 yards -- practically untouched -- until he was tackled 4 yards short of the goal line (breathe, Danny, breathe). Or Rex Grossman looking like an NFL quarterback (umm, nice work, Rex).

Of course, those moments of glory, those surprises that keep us coming back to the games, are exactly what wiseguys hate about sports. It's true. These guys might start out as sports fans, but they're no different from anyone else who does something for a very long time. Once you've seen the sausage get made, you're less inclined to love sausage. So, Vegas veterans don't want to see history made; they want to see history repeated.