Why UConn isn't worthy...yet 

December, 22, 2010

Where's UConn? Why isn't UConn in the Sweat Barometer Top 25? Show me the Huskies!!!!!

The past couple of weeks, when I've posted the SB rankings that I work up with Sal Selvaggio from madduxsports.com, I've gotten a lot of questions about the Huskies. You might remember that nice little run they had to start the year, beating Michigan State and Kentucky. Suddenly, they went from just receiving votes for the AP Top 25 to being No. 7. And that was just in a week. They moved up to No. 6 the next cycle and have now settled in at No. 4, with an 8-0 record and those quality wins over traditional powerhouse teams.

But here's why the Huskies aren't anywhere to be found in the Sweat Barometer rankings: