Texans, Rams by 3 and more 

December, 31, 2010

Let's not get misty-eyed today, okay? I know we are all a little down because it's the last weekend of regular-season football. Before too long we will have to spend Sundays outside doing something productive or, even crazier, with our families.

But think about what we learned this season, such as a game really is never over 'til it's over, whether it's because of parity or the yellow zone or that coaches sometimes make strange decisions. (I'm looking at you Jeff Fisher. Still glad you went for the cover TD instead of the win against the Colts late in the season?)

I think we learned that the Lions are on the verge of being pretty good, at least judging by how they played against the spread -- a league best 11-4 heading into Week 17. Know how many games this 5-10 team playing with its second- or third-string quarterback for most of the season lost by double digits? Three. One of those was to the Patriots. Jim Schwartz has this team believing, now it just needs some talent. Hopefully squares will forget this by next season so we can can get a little value on the Lions in September (hopefully there will be pro football in September).

Just because it's the last weekend of the season doesn't mean there aren't still lessons to be learned. Week 17 presents its own kind of handicapping opportunities.