How to bet wild-card weekend 

January, 7, 2011

This is the first edition of the playoff line moves column and we're changing things up a bit. Usually I ask one wiseguy or bookmaker to run through the five biggest line moves of the week and tell me why each one happened. This week, there aren't five games.

So, I decided to do something different. Actually, Bill Simmons suggested I talk to a lot of guys when I did his podcast last week. And since he's popular enough to have his picture on the front page of, I decided I would give his idea a try.

I asked a bookmaker and a wiseguy to break down each game, giving you fine degenerates a chance to see what both sides of the counter are thinking. As you will see, it's not always the same thing.

My volunteers this week are bookmakers Jay Rood from The Mirage and Jimmy Vaccaro from Lucky's, as well as wiseguys The Sports Boss, that twerp who always e-mails me but had a great year handicapping and has cool stats, and Vegas vet Bryan Leonard, who runs

Here we go:

Matchup: New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks