Cincinnati tops Sweat Barometer 

January, 12, 2011

Huge, huge day for the blog.

You may have noticed that we have a game on the front page of called Streak for the Cash. Well, it's not gambling, it's a sweepstakes, let's just be clear about that. But there's no doubt you need to know a little bit about point spreads, stats and public perception to make the right choices that will keep your streak alive.

Ideally, some of what you learn here about line values, contrarian theory and which stats matter for which sport help you play the game. The point of the Sweat Barometer that I work up with Sal from is to give you a decision-making tool as well. But sometimes you need more than that. Which is why I'm thrilled one of the guys who tends to the Streak offerings every day is going to add a new element to our corner of the Internet.

Below, Jason Gilbert, one of Connecticut's finest, breaks down some recent college hoops Streak results and explains why so many Streakers made so many bad decisions.

But before we get to Jason's run-down, let's give it up for the Purdue Boilermakers. As an IU grad it's sacrilege for me to say what I'm about to say, but I love the Boilermakers. Always have, actually, ever since a kid from my rival high school went there and became the starting point guard. His name was Everette Stephens and he went to Evanston. The man was silky smooth and even spent a couple seasons in the NBA.

Back then the coach was Gene Keady. Now his disciple, Matt Painter, runs the show and this team is so resilient you wonder what he tells these guys in the locker room. They were a national title contender last season, ranked third in the country, before second-leading scorer Robbie Hummel tore an ACL in late February. But the kid came back and was ready to roll for the highly ranked Boilers again. Then he tore his ACL again in October -- truly heart breaking. We did a Mag story about him, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson a few years ago and you couldn't help but root for these guys.

And yet, Purdue is still a top-10 team, with a 15-1 record. Its only loss: the mid-major troublemaker Richmond Spiders. Richmond is 17th in the Sweat Barometer, two spots behind the Boilermakers.

Now, on to Gilbert and his Streak breakdown: