Super Bowl XLV not 'super' for Vegas 

February, 7, 2011

They say the house always wins. And over the long haul, it certainly does. But there can be nights when it gets broken into, roughed up and left wondering how things went wrong.

The bookmakers I spoke to and e-mailed with after the Green Bay Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV told me that Sunday night was one of those nights.

"Packers and the over was the worst possible scenario for us," Jay Kornegay, who runs the Hilton Superbook, e-mailed me while the confetti was still falling inside Jerry's World.

"No good," wrote Jay Rood of The Mirage after I had e-mailed asking him how his book had done.

The Packers opened as 2½-point favorites in the Super Bowl, priced at minus-110, meaning the cost of making a bet on them was a 10 percent commission. Immediately, the sharp players all over the country hit that minus-2½ for the Packers, both in Vegas and at the offshore, Internet sportsbooks. Wary of moving up to 3 too quickly, the bookmakers instead changed the commission on the bet rather than the points, charging minus-120 to bet the Packers. This was supposed to be a deterrent. No one likes paying more for stuff.