How to bet on Thursday's NCAA games 

March, 22, 2011

An interesting pattern occurred during the first four days of the NCAA tournament. On Thursday, favorites went 8-7-1. On Friday, dogs took the day, going 12-4. Then on Saturday, favorites were back in business, going 7-1. But on Sunday, they were down in the dumps again, going 2-6. What does this all mean? That's a question I was asked a lot this week. Do bookmakers adjust off a beating on a single day? The answer, as Bob Scucci of The Orleans told me in my podcast -- which will go up Wednesday -- is no. They are rating the games based on their power ratings and public perception.

For example, Marquette has been adjusted because of its solid wins over Xavier and Syracuse. BYU has been slightly adjusted after an impressive win over the Zags.

Below are more takes on what adjustments have been made and how handicappers view Thursday's games from Edward Golden of Right Angle Sports and Geoff Kulesa of