For wiseguys, a summer of numbers 

July, 1, 2011

Through the picture windows in his pad atop Russian Hill, Dr. Bob can see nearly all of San Francisco. To the left he can see Alcatraz, former home to the most misbegotten of gamblers. Then he can swing his head around for a look at the hills of the East Bay and Coit Tower rising from Telegraph Hill and the Bay Bridge, which disappears amidst the industrial cranes that dot the landscape. Finally, he settles on downtown, rising in the distance like a set of Legos. It's the kind of panorama they print on postcards.

And it's a good thing he enjoys the view -- because he'll be staring at it nonstop for the next eight months.

You want to know what makes wiseguys wiseguys? How, like Dr. Bob, they end up profiled in the Wall Street Journal or E:60 or in this column because of the way they move lines the second they post their picks? Why they can afford fancy apartments with breathtaking vistas in expensive cities and trips to Turks and Caicos?