NBA Player X: Players should pick All-Stars 

February, 10, 2010

Hey, folks. It's about to be All-Star weekend, so I thought I'd begin my blog by talking about who makes the All-Star team and who doesn't.

My take: The selection process needs to be fixed. The combination of fan and head coach voting favors guys who are on better teams, who put up numbers because they don't have to deal with double or triple teams. Fans vote for their favorite players and coaches are too busy to take time with their vote. Case in point is West All-Star Pau Gasol. He's playing with Kobe, Odom, Bynum and Artest in L.A., teammates who give him the room to put up good numbers. And yet, when we play the Lakers our defensive plan never focuses on him. But he's a Laker, so he's in.