NBA Player X: Booze and hoops don't mix 

February, 17, 2010

I get questions all the time about how much NBA guys party, how many clubs we go to. I always tell people that, sure, we go out. A lot of guys hit the clubs. But you'd be surprised at how many of us wouldn't be caught dead with a drink in our hand.

Alcohol is one of those things a lot of NBA guys just don't get. I mean, I understand why the average person drinks but if you're an NBA player it's just stupid to do it. I never drink. I hate the taste of it, but more than that, I hate what it does to my body. The only way you can excel in this league is if you work your butt off in practice, in film study and in the games. And you have to perform each of those tasks at a high level; that's why we get paid what we get paid. I don't know many guys who can live up to those duties with a hangover.