NBA Player X: Be careful with groupies 

March, 25, 2010

This story appears in the April 5 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Not that long ago, The Mag's NFL Player X (whoever he is) estimated that 30 percent of married NFL players cheat on their wives. I was surprised to hear it was that low. In the NBA, I think it's closer to 60 percent. When you get a bunch of young, rich guys together, infidelity can be contagious. It's like high school -- the young guys watch the older players to see how things are done.

Respected vets like Kevin Ollie or Derek Fisher set good examples, though, for guys across the NBA. There are a lot of players who stick in this league for way longer than they should because they're family men who keep rookies in check. They'll call you out on your dumb mistakes. I know the vets I played with early on helped keep me straight. They'd warn me off the groupies who'd been going after NBA players for years.


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