NBA Player X: Questions from the pros 

May, 19, 2010

This article appears in the May 31 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

I've spent an entire NBA season telling readers what I think. So this column is for my fellow pros. And you can read my answers to their burning questions too.

Player X: You NBA guys get pretty close on the court. Which player gets ripest? I mean, who really stinks? -- Barry Zito, San Francisco Giants

I'm pleading the fifth, Barry, but I've heard Leandro Barbosa and Boris Diaw have a particular aversion to showering. Same with Shavlik Randolph. The smelliest stories in the league involve Adam Morrison when he was in Charlotte. I heard he kept a pile of dirty clothes in his car. He'd put them on right out of practice, then head straight for the team plane. Now that he's with the Lakers, though, I can't imagine Derek Fisher's putting up with that.