MLB Player X: "Importing" girls? Big deal 

May, 25, 2010

For a story in the current issue of ESPN The Magazine, Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe claimed that a few years ago the K.C. veterans would fly in girls for the young guys during road trips, an act otherwise known as "importing." News flash: Flying women into cities when you're on the road isn't big news for pro athletes. Jose Canseco wrote about it in "Juiced." And it still goes on. But in my experience, it's a little different in the major leagues than the way Bowe makes it sound in the NFL. First, I've never seen any sort of ringleader for this stuff, a guy who takes charge and arranges the whole thing. And I've never really heard of importing groupies by the truckload, especially girls whom the guys haven't met before. Generally, baseball players fly in women they actually like and want to have fun with, people they know. Who would want to be stuck with a stranger for a few days, anyway?