MLB Player X: Umps need to keep cool 

June, 1, 2010

In the span of about a week, Mark Buehrle and Roy Oswalt were chucked by umpires Joe West and Bill Hohn, respectively, for questionable reasons. Most umpires are very good -- they call fair games and we like them. Others just overreact; they want to make themselves part of the story. But the best umps are the guys who fans don't notice, the ones who fans don't boo. Their job is to call balls, strikes and outs. They make mistakes in the same way we make mistakes as players, but some guys are just too trigger-happy. If you're a casual baseball fan, you should almost never see an ejection. I don't mean that guys should have to take a lot of flak from players, but I think 96 percent of us are respectful enough not to get thrown out of a game.