Agent payouts? No big deal 

October, 15, 2010

By now you've probably heard about the accusations of Josh Luchs, the former agent who outed a bunch of NFL players for taking money in college. Guys I know in the league aren't really making a big deal out of it. Quite honestly, it's nothing we don't already know. Guys joke about getting paid in college all the time. They'll say things like, "Once you get to the pros, you take a pay cut." When Reggie Bush had to give back his Heisman, my teammates didn't even bat an eyelash. It wasn't a big deal that he was getting paid. Everybody knew about it. Guys just assume -- especially the ones from smaller schools -- that all the high draft picks from the big schools are getting paid. And to be honest, nobody really cares.

Once you get in the NFL, it's straight business. Say we have a team meeting, and a guy stands up and tells everyone that he took 100 grand from an agent while he was in college. His teammates will say, "Great, why didn't you get 200 grand?" Nobody would think it was wrong. They'd say, "Hell yeah, I would've taken that too." Guys in the league don't look down on it at all. The more money you can make, the better.