How I learned to love LeBron 

October, 21, 2010

Someone needs to say it, and it's going to be me: LeBron James is a genius.

I was shocked to hear he's now one of the most hated athletes in America. Shocked. You're all crazy. I watched "The Decision." We all did. The exposure was amazing.

Something like that had never happened before, but I bet it will again because you watched. And he even managed to get some publicity for the Boys & Girls Clubs. Don't hate him for the cameras, America.

I know the guy, and sure, he's arrogant -- especially about his status in the league. To be fair, though, he has basically carried the NBA by himself for seven years. Most of the time, he's polite and far more humble than people think. Humble enough to come back every season better than he was in the one before.

Arrogant players who steal money, then report to camp out of shape are a bigger problem. That happens way too often. But in the end, the fault for that belongs to the owners. After all, they're the ones shelling out the dough. They throw all that money away, and now they want to cut back salaries? That kind of thinking could cause a lockout. Don't say I didn't warn you.