Baseball's unwritten rules 

May, 10, 2011

Player X is an anonymous MLB star. This is his second column.

WE BASEBALL PLAYERS take our unwritten rules seriously. Break one that exists between hitters and pitchers, and there will likely be painful consequences for somebody on your team. Figuring out who is going to be the victim and when he's going to get it is a fun little game. When Curt Schilling was with the Diamondbacks, he was working on a perfect game against the Padres. In the eighth, the Padres catcher, Ben Davis -- not exactly a threat to steal his way into scoring position -- bunted to break it up. The D-backs were not amused. I don't blame Davis for wanting to make sure his club wasn't on the losing end of a perfecto, but I wanted to start a pool to guess which Padre was going to get hit in the next game.