NEXT: The countdown begins

Meet the first five athletes in this year's list of the top 20 up-and-comers in sports

Updated: October 26, 2009, 2:32 PM ET
By Morty Ain | ESPN The Magazine
Getty ImagesIn his hometown of Tandil, Juan Martin del Potro has already arrived.

This article appears in the November 2, 2009 issue of ESPN The Magazine. It is the beginning of a countdown to ESPN The Magazine's naming of the 'NEXT' athlete in sports, a concept it has been doing since its very first issue.

No. 20: Arthur, Jon and Chandler Jones

Keeping up with the Joneses ain't easy. These brothers from the Binghamton, N.Y., area put a new spin on sibling rivalry: It's them against everyone else. At 6'4" and 293 pounds, Arthur bullies the line of scrimmage for Syracuse as an Outland Trophy-contending nose tackle. The 23-year-old senior (No. 97) could have gone pro this year but wanted to play with his 6'5", 246-pound little bro, Chandler, a sophomore defensive end who, at age 19, reminds Orange fans of Dwight Freeney. And then there's 22-year-old Jon -- a.k.a. Bones -- who deals with middle-child syndrome by unleashing his fury in the UFC. Undefeated through nine bouts, the 6'4", 205-pound light heavyweight is a legit contender. Luckily for foes, they face only one Jones at a time in the Octagon.

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